I've Been Dreaming

Lately, i kept thinking about you.
You left me when i really needed you.
You left me when i was so in love with you.
 You left me after i gave you a second chance.
You left me for no good reason.
 You left me without saying anything.
You just left.

i see you are happy now, without me. i guess you never think of me. i was being silly for kept thinking about you. i don't know what i've done wrong. you never tell. i told you that i hate you. but the truth is, nobody knows. 

last night, for the past few nights. i've been dreaming about you. unfortunately it was not a sweet dream. it was my dream and i had to see you happy with someone else! i had to cry in my dream! that's not fair kan? :)every night i had trouble in sleeping because of thinking about you and it get carried away in my dream. in reality, i couldn't cry so i was suffering. Alhamdulillah i have Allah to keep me strong everyday.

i smiled, i laughed, i made jokes, i made new friends. nobody knows how i feel inside. but still,i sincerely smiled, laughed, made jokes and new friends. don't misjudge me :) see, i smile. :)) and i smile again. well i know Allah is planning something big for me. Amin..

This is A True Story People. :B
please ignore my grammar mistakes. tapi bagus jugak kalau nak tolong betulkan. boleh belajar :) dah lupa hehe


UZe said...

yeah...mybe Allah has something big for ya... ;D
besides u deserve more than that lorh... a better guy with big muscle and good career mybe... ;D

ain azmi said...

wah uze ! besnya big muscle haha

Anonymous said...

:) sori 4 evrythn