Puss in Boots

peace be upon you my frengs.

yesterday I watched this movie with hafidz? what movie? who's hafidz ? hahaha poyo. Puss in Boots movie la broo. Hafidz tu my lil bro la broo. haha apebenda aku melalut. okay saje nak tukar selera, i'll post this in english. oh ! why nooooooooooot, saturday is english day. yahuuuu. habis aku. eh ! -__-

alright, lets get started. this movie is about, a cat..I'm not in the mood of telling story because I haven't take my bath I guess. :p teehee you read the synopsis yourself aite mate ? 

hmm I could not find the synopsis. then I'll tell. it's about Puss who wanted to clear his name because people thought that he stole money from Ricardo Bank but it was actually Humpty fault. so he must find the magic bean so that he can take the gold eggs to make the villagers proud and never blame him again. find out yourself whether he make it or not. haaaa saspen kan ? go and watch the movie lah :)

and this is the trailer.

for me, it's a very cute story because there were sooooooooo many cats yaaawww. you will watch and "aaaaaaa" "oooouuuu" "emmmm" haha. besides, it was funny till the cinema cracked (pecah panggung) haha and that Puss in Boots is soooooo cool. rasa nak ngorat. hai :p and his girlfriend, Kitty is super hot. :O there is also Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty which his real name is Humpty Alexander Dumpty, Jack and the beanstalk was also in this movie. bring along your cute lil brother and sister la. okayy, you can bring your boy/girlfriend too. haish. I think I've given you something that makes you wanna watch this movie.

Humpty Alexander Dumpty
Jack and jill
 today, I wanna try Happy Feet 2. hafidz's request also bye :)


inchik nizam azman said...

mata die comel,..meowww~
tp hepi feet lagi best ;)

Nur Haslinda said...

kite dah tgk gak semalam. best gilaaa !! geram rasa nak bwk balek semua kucing tu -.-'

ain azmi said...

comel kaaaaaaan cerita ni ! ala tak tengok happy feet lagi :(