birthday treats

here's another my birthday surprise

from my most beloved, kisses, hugs and everything.
Wan Husna Wan Hamidon

even a special someone cannot defeat the power of a true friendship. hehe

a birthday treat from my family
a pink cake. yeaaay
a pink cupcake. yeehaa.

celebration with family is always simple
besides, i'm turning 21.
no need a birthday party,
a bunch of presents.
that's not important anymore.

wishes, prays, loves.
that is more than just enough.

on this 21, i promised to myself to study harder, no more thinking about marriage *because it won't happen in this few years. save money ! *nak pergi UK haha. and be a good muslimah. InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah masih dipanjangkan umur. :) peace out yaaw :D

oh oh oh , A TONNES OF THANK YOU to my friendssssss. yang tak tau birthday aku pun turut wish sebab tengok dekat ticker FB penuh dengan nama aku. and thank you to those who called. and Rush semalam call cakap nak buat video tapi budak budak lain dah tido. and ayat dia " ok la, ni kira special la ni aku wish kau last." ok ! hehehehe semua yang wish pun special sangatttt. *gedik . ok choww


Shida Irni said...

happy belated BORNday :)

syapa said...

eeeiii...ain ya nun..lme x lwat blog kamoo..cweet nya doncha!! haha...