hip hip hoorah ! :) On 2nd January every year I feel so happy because you know why. Not necessarily having a birthday party, a surprise party or even expensive presents and what so ever. Each and everyone's wishes are not just more than enough. 

Long time ago, when I was 7- 12 years old I guess. My big family will organized a birthday party for me and my other cousins that was born in 31 December, AIDA and 3 January, HAJAR. Sometimes we celebrated at my house, Mak Long's house, restaurant and even in kampung nenek. :) Then we will open our presents togethergether. BESTnyaaaa haha

As my age is adding up every year, I only celebrate with my family at home or we will hang out together at special places like beaches or high class restaurants which we rarely go just to spend our time together. hehe. However, I still got presents from my aunty, MAMA ! my cousins, SARAH, AINI, ANAK + + + .. :D I just had to tell them what I wanted for my birthday then they will come to my house and give my present. seronok kannn ?! :DD

Well, I don't usually get presents from my friends except for DILA and SANAH la masa sekolah dulu. But when I was in matric, I got sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many wishes from my roomates, my PRD friends, my classmates, my ex- schoolmates. warggghhh ! CINTA CINTA. I got a pink teddy bear, pink shit, pink pillow, pink cat, cute comforter, a birthday song played with guitar, pink fluffy doll. arggghh rindunya!

THIS YEAR, I got so many surprises. My parents, my aunties, my cousins made a surprise party for me. They arranged cupcakes into a shape of 20 and mama bought a chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe. My favourite oyeah. oh oh, ajis bagi hadiahhhhhh :B I also received many phone calls and messages from my friends yeay! :)) Then I was once again surprised by my dear friends in UKM. They also bought me a secret recipe cake. Ya Allah.. sayangnya kat korang! The next day, they gave me a teddy bear which I named it PORORO ! :D and yeah, I LOVE surprises hehehe. next time buatla ganas sikit. simbah2 air ke, baling2 tepung dgn telur HAHAHA

Thank you guys for brighting up my year ! xoxo
geng ukm
from families !
mak abah bagi. :)
ni la PORORO !!
AJIS yang sweet :8)


Anonymous said...

AIN !!!!! jam macam tu trend skrg aku minat gila ohmaigoddddd nice :( jeles :( brand apa ? - wangggh

Anonymous said...

ok dah nampak , esprit heeeee rm400 ada kot fffuhhh

Anonymous said...

haisss.. cam kenal je gbr kek tu?!!! and don't forget my birthday too!!! hint! 3rd Mac !!!