If you read this
I hope you will understand
Unless you don't know
That I wrote this for you.

I just hate
What you are doing now.

You hurt me a lot.
And sometimes I'm annoyed.

You said, you'll wait.
Then just wait lah.

No need to be so emotional.
When you see we're so close together.
When you're just being treated as a friend.

One day you said LIFE MUST GO ON.
Yesterday you felt like suiciding. 
Today you prayed for our happiness.
Tonight you cursed.
Tomorrow you'll longing.
The next day you'll disgust.

What do you want? 
 We are happy.
And there's nothing you can do about it.

I don't mind you waiting.
But please, give me some RESPECTS.

You and me are similar.
I understand how you feel.
Then you should do the same.

p/s: sorry to my readers, if I have one lah kan. sorry for being jiwang siket malam ni teehee. I'm fine people ! saje nak berkarya kejap :) muah


Etong said...

no problem dear. just keep on being strong aight? :)

hatikubaik|mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...

:) nice poem

ain azmi said...

etong cantik ! hehe tetiba.

seriousla hazlan, nice ? sbb berkarya pkul 3 pagi kot hihi