Though it's been a while now,
I can still feel so much joy,
I can still hear the laughs,
The happiness that brights in every face.

Even though not everyone was there,
We manage to enjoy together,
It may not be perfect,
But, who cares ?

We captured every moment,
To share with the others,
So that they will know,
This could be more cheereful,
If they were there,
Next time, InsyaAllah.

Ohh, how can I live withou you guys ? I miss every moment of us :')


RasyidHamid said...

why dey oll kiut2..awek2 je la ek..hahah

ain azmi said...

hahaha lawak doh acit. somel kaaaaaaan ?! jatuh cinta ! grr

whysquare said...

cun ar pic yg bawah skali tu..

ain azmi said...

hehehe bawah skali tu style. xcun hehe. thank yoouuuu :)